A Faster 7 Series

Spotted during a daytrip to Shikoku we saw many interesting things including a BMW 740i, stock in every way, except for the huge wing on the back. I can’t think of another unnecessary modification to an otherwise nice car that this guy could have possibly done. I can only imagine what he plans on doing next.

4 thoughts on “A Faster 7 Series

  1. School of Rice

    I proudly present to you the latest combined efforts of myself and my little bro: School of Rice The purpose of the blog is twofold; first to document rice in the sense of tacky car mods (such as bazooka-like exhaust…

  2. My friend Robert once got this totally WASTED used car, & we joked about screwing in a spoiler made from 2″ x 4″ s for full effect.
    So…what’s the deal with you two bad bruthas? Do you have dual-nationality status? I’m interested in multi-national families that maintain links with the mother land…You both are so fluid with language & culture in both countries…My sister and I are so far removed from our mother tongue & culture.
    Anyway, part of what I find so cool about your blogs is that you guys go back & forth from “cool Japanese shit” to “cool American shit” without being hipster assholes or creepy gaijin dorks…good, cool travel & culture writing.
    Anyway, this is totally cool.

  3. Nah, we’re natives of Southern California (4th generation Japanese-American), although Justin can blend in over here when it suits him- he’s been here for over ten years and works as a salaryman. I’ve been here for just over two years. We both have an interest in the language (his Japanese is native-level, and mine is just barely sufficient to converse with but bad enough for people to frequently conclude that I am a Korean) and the culture.
    Thanks for the props. Luckily weblogs don’t have the same pain-in-the-ass concerns as zines do (it sounds like running a zine can be a huge headache and a real challenge of one’s principles vs. corporate interests), so we can post whatever we feel like posting on our own terms. We will continue to update this site only as long as we enjoy doing it and I see no end in that aspect, maybe just periodic lulls between posts now and then.

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