30 Years Old – Initial Observations

1. Beer is still best served ice cold (amazingly, I had anticipated this one).
2. Your older friends weren’t just joking the whole time, they really are happy you’ve joined their middle-aged ranks.
3. Guitar solos still sound better when you’re wasted.
3a. People still call it Teenage Wasteland.
4. You still hate it when the pitifully drunk basket case comes to relate their newest tragedies.
4a. “…cause no one else cares”
4b. It’s still too fucked up to reply, “Either do I”
4c. But it’s still fun to fantasize about.
5. People still come to see what you’re doing on the computer (in a bar for chrissake!) and because you don’t want to even begin to try explaining what blogging is to the average drunk non-geek, you just tell them you’re “reading mail.”
5a. And perhaps you still suddenly feel very self-conscious and cut your post short.

2 thoughts on “30 Years Old – Initial Observations

  1. Greetings, son! I had a nice cold Guiness drought in your honor and hope that you’re enjoying this new chapter of being ThirtySomthing! Life is mostly good….or better! Mika and I made gyoza for dinner while a huge windstorm, thunder and lightning, sent gusts of reminders of your energy and Life Force! Hope you can get to Montana while we still have this cool little house!
    Happy Birthday, Justin!

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