Found out we can sent the kitten by ANA to Fukuoka from Itami (Osaka airport) for 2,000 yen (20 bucks). The debauchery I cancelled in Nara/Wakayama this weekend is back on track!
I wonder if the one cat per plane rule is for domestic flights as well?
I’m sure gonna miss the little carpet-shitter.

6 thoughts on “Not

  1. does this mean you’ll finally stop posting about that damn pussy and start posting about the pussy we really want to hear about?

  2. Jus, ignore your (good-hearted) pal Bill and keep posting about Yoda. At least I can understand what you’re writing about instead of that geeky computerese stuff you wax poetic about!
    Oh, did I tell you about the huge Clark Fork rainbow I caught (and released) the other day?
    Too cool for words!

  3. Yeah, just for that I’m gonna catblog like CRAZY until we part in a few days. And stop cussing in front of my parents you shitty cunt ass dick motherfucking motherfucker!

  4. damn. opened a can of worms there. sorry mom.
    i thought i was being cool by posting with my 900i FOMA 3G phone.

  5. oh yes, thanks for that. The JavaScript gobbledygook at the top of the page is now gone. The only problem I have now is that sometimes the page is too long and I get an error beep. I get the whole page, but not all the photos…but it also probably costs me ?500 to open your blog each time. Maybe you could setup some i-Mode templates. No styling needed. Just make links to recent posts (like in your sidebar) and link to unstyled individual posts…actually you could just link to the existing individual posts and that should work fine…page styling via CSS doesn’t seem to completely work on my phone.

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