In response to questions regarding the beauty of Nepalese women, Taro answered that you never really see Nepalese women in Nepal. They are traditionally kept hidden from view.

2 thoughts on “Nepal

  1. When I was in Nepal, I saw Nepali women all the time–although I have to admit the women I typically saw were either poor, villagers, or Sherpa, Tamang, Manang, or another “mountain ethnicity” somewhat removed from the Hindu and Indo-Aryan dominated ethnicities of the Katmandu Valley and south/south eastern Nepal. I couldn’t meet very many of the Valley women, but Sherpa and Tibetan women were very approachable. Many were business women.
    They were beautiful. From Newari to Sherpa, the valleys to the hills, the women were, in my opinion, gorgeous. If I were to develop any kind of Asian fetish, I would focus it on the Indian subcontinent and its women. Without a doubt.
    *Aimlessly wandering through nostalgia now…*

  2. Well, Taro did agree with you about their beauty. He got this glazed look in his eyes and said, “if you got together with one by some cosmic stroke of luck, you would be the happiest man in the world.”

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