Land of Packaging

So I checked the kitten in and I’m sitting next to some smelly foreigners at the gate. They are big and hairy – the gorillaest one actually has hairs sticking out through the back of his knit polo shirt. Gross.
Anyway, I brought the kitten in a red picnic basket thingy we bought somewhere for like 500 yen. Nam found this free coupon on the web for a rental cat carrier so I figured we’d transfer him over to it at check-in. The staff, however, had another idea. They took the top off the rental carrier, placed the entire picnic basket (with sleeping Yoda inside) into it, padded all four sides of the basket with cardboard and bubble wrap, then taped the whole contraption together and screwed the carrier back together. I am beyond asking why at this point, but it was reminiscent of a high-end department store where they use bags on boxes on wrappings on inner boxes wth partitions, ribbon, and a cherry on top.

3 thoughts on “Land of Packaging

  1. Will you be sad to see your one-eyed not-cute kitten, leave the shores of Japan? I wanted a purebred Japanese Bobtail cat, right? It’s so ironic that we’re getting Yoda, the wondercat instead. God has a weird sense of humor.

  2. I could have packed your kat better than that. Zip-Lock heavy-duty freezer bags. Just seal up the top and if the little fella doesn’t make the journey then there’s no stink. They’re also convenient burial receptacles.

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