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Yesterday reaffirmed my contempt for the Japanese police.
My little sister, who lives in Sakai (Osaka), got home from teaching her morning classes at noon. There was a strange guy lurking around the stairs of her apartment building who set alarm bells ringing off in her head, so she hurriedly rode the elevator up to the 7th floor. She looked down the staircase once to see if he had followed her that way, but there was no sign of him. Just before she got to her door, she turned around to find the guy standing right behind her! Startled, she took a swing at him and started yelling at the top of her lungs, very likely saving herself from harm. The perp was frightened off.
How easy it is to relate this all now. When she called me right after it happened, everything was a blur. She had just locked herself in her apartment, so I told her to call the cops immediately (110 is the Japanese equivalent of 911). I gave my manager a heads-up and took the day off, ran to my car, picked up my girlfriend at the house, and headed for Osaka. It took a couple hours to get to her place. The cops were already gone when we got there, having concluded their “investigation” and telling my sister to call them if she “ever sees the guy again.” Need I point out what a fucking joke this is.
It’s ironic that a week after I write a post about gun control, I find myself wishing I could give her a piece to pack around the last week she will be in that apartment. I guess an ASP baton will have to do. My sister came back with us last night and will be here over the weekend.
Anyway, posting here may be light for a while because I’m playing mental D&D. Killing goblins and all that.

7 thoughts on “Goblin Nation

  1. Send my love to her. I hope she feels okay now. That is no way to feel in your own building.

  2. Ah, is that Ben? Are you living in the UK now? I don’t know anyone in the States that owns a Lotus. Come to think about it, I don’t know anyone who does…

  3. She’s got good instincts and a strong, courageous heart. Wish I was there to help but I know she’s in the best hands right now…yours and Nam’s.
    Thanks, Jus. And are you speaking of the Ben you went to school with in Ojai? How did you find him?

  4. She’s OK Kris… No stitches on her lip or anything (j/k)! The guy didn’t touch her. Which is good because Merin says she thinks she could have “taken him on.” Whatever that means.
    Hey Kris, we were reading your xanga page yesterday… Do you mind if I ask you what some of the words you use mean? You young folks be usin’ deeeficult hoodlum speech sometime, I swear.

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