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  1. Tried the spam, as per your suggestion & made some messy sticky-rice (seasoned rice vinegar, shredded nori, iri goma, &c.) with it.
    I used the low-salt variety (as you recommended in a previous post), fried it in the pan until it was brown & crisp, but still found that it was too fatty tasting. I actually thought that adding something with a little citrus cut the fattiness, so I shook some ponzu on it. Of course, I was adding more salt, too. But it was good. I don’t think I’d dig it uncooked, though. The texture without cooking is a little too slimy to my liking.
    You’re probably familiar with the “urban legend” that SPAM is the closest thing to tasting human flesh, huh? I don’t know if that shit’s true, but I’d like to think that my fat ass is better-marbled than SPAM. Here in Athens, GA SPAM is $2.50 for SPAM brand SPAM & $1.19 for the scary-ass Winn-Dixie “The Beef People” SPAM. I don’t know if it’s all in the packaging costs.
    We have a decent (if small) Asian grocery that has a good selection of Chinese & Japanese staples. The health food co-ops have the natural versions of said staples which are like 5x more expensive.
    For the good shit, it’s an hour to the Buford Highway in Atlanta, for Chinese & Korean, same to Smyrna, where there is an EXCELLENT Japanese store called “Tomato” where good Japanese groceries are sold, & there is also my fix of Orange Page. (I can’t read Japanese. I buy the mags for the graphics & food pix).
    Yak yak yak. Fried low-salt SPAM good. As always, your blog & culinary adventures are good, too.
    And happy birthday!

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