Quick Airport Tip

If you are picking up someone with the last name “Lee” whose flight from Korea disembarks at the exact same time as three others, it might not be terribly helpful to hold up a sign with only “Mr. Lee” written on it. I’m partly saying this for the benefit of the tour guide who did so and got bumrushed by fifty different Lees today, although he eventually learned from his mistake and scribbled in a first name and flight number as well.

3 thoughts on “Quick Airport Tip

  1. Justin & Nam,
    Thanks a lot for being such kick-ass hosts today. Thanks for the cool fan, too. I’m gonna study it and see if I can’t start drawing Darumas like those (he’s “Dalma-daesa” in Korea).
    Whenever you all come to Seoul, please let me know. We’ve got museums, cultural centers, one or two tallish buildings, a few local mountains, lots of squid, and of course, a slew of temples. We’ll also have to do the Koreanized Japanese food and see whether it’s up to snuff or simply a rip-off.

  2. The hookers? They were running after me with hedge clippers, all the while shouting, “SPAY AND NEUTER! SPAY AND NEUTER! SPAY AND NEUTER! WORDS TO LIIIIIIIIVE BY! JUSTIN AND NAM SEND THEIR LOVE! NOW HOLD STILL AND IT’LL ALL BE OVER IN A SECOND!”

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