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After lengthy observation, I have come to a conclusion: In Japan, the Toyota Prius is a car marketed for a single demographic, namely, painfully slow drivers. I have never seen such a bunch of I-can’t-drive-55 brake tapping, hesitating, yellow light anticipating, slow-ass idiots. If this is the price us normal folk must pay to “save the environment,” I say we start a “Spit at the Prius” campaign in retribution.
Seriously, the way these people drive really makes me wonder if there actually is a gasoline engine in there among the fields of capacitors and NiMH batteries. A Prius owner I recently spoke with affirmed his penchant for driving at Nader-like levels and explained that the more he idles and breaks, the more the batteries are recharged. Now this is a level of idiocy I hadn’t previously regarded as being possible, but there it is. This guy had been blindfolded and brainwashed by the “eco-driving” crowd and somehow thinks he is doing the world a big fucking favor by stepping on the brakes and imitating an electric wheelchair.
Let me tell you pal, I’d be a lot happier if you rode a goddamn mamachari (granny bicycle) and got the hell off the road. You might not be saving mother earth, but you might not get a tree planted in your ass, either.

4 thoughts on “Toyota Prius

  1. Ha,ha, ha! I was thinking about a Prius but both you and dad share a distinct intolerance of the slow get-up-and-almost-go. Patience, Mr. Speedy!

  2. I have a 2004 Prius. I bought it because I have a conscience. I did not buy it for street racing, which is something oriental Bushnazi’s don’t understand it seems.

  3. Lame. VERY lame. In fact if you bother to read anything about the Prius you’ll find owners are urged to accelerate a bit faster than they’re used to in a gas guzzler, which interestingly saves a bit of fuel. I own a 37 Chevy hotrod, and used to drive a BMW M5, but now I drive a Prius because I like the looks, handling, and appreciate the infrequent stops at the gas station.

  4. I have a Prius and I drive like a bat out of hell and still get 47 mpg. It does pretty well and I love to drag race jacked up diesel pickup trucks off the line. I always blow them away. My car has 70,000 miles on it and my tires are now bald from takeoffs but that is better than I get in my other car (a Corvette) The Prius is many times nicer to drive in city traffic as it shuts off while at a light and is quiet as a morgue. My Vette gets hotter and hotter stuck in traffic thus the term hot rod. I enjoy the Vette on open road and the Prius in the city where I do most of my driving. My real passion is beyond the Prius with a 100% electric. That one blows the doors off your car with its 40 mph to 180 mph in 6.4 second performance. Try doing that in the city with your car. enjoy

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