Resting Ground

Well, I decided to post this pic in memory of my friend Tatsuya who died last year. The foremost gravestone in this photo is not his, but it is pretty and so I took this pic to commemorate the hill where he is buried. I posted this today not in conjunction with any fixed date or anniversary, rather, I just got to thinking about Tatsuya today as I made a left turn in the car he gave me, listening to an old song we both liked.
Some people say it is not right for me to take pictures like this or to post them, because it is disrespectful. I fail to see the logic in this. I am simply remembering a friend. If pictures of headstones make you uncomfortable, that’s your insecurity. We will all end up dead someday. Get used to it. (OK, maybe this post is a bit influenced by my curret rereading of Eiji Yoshikawa’s MUSASHI)

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