Bit Serenade

You all must have seen these “keyword” spam messages by now, right?:

buttrick adapt courtyard imaginate fondle atlanta,
archenemy glitter edible synoptic baghdad concocter,
loyalty lied transmitter committeeman determinant,
oviform atlantic arianism perpendicular lament annulled,
schwartz wiry polymeric citation abel concessionaire,
britannica kenton elizabethan hedge maudlin chomsky,
caution ecumenic codomain streptococcus tenant quagmire,
tumble china denver bradshaw crosslink hysterectomy,
abolish papal addend thirsty alice interdict monogamous,
disaccharide nearsighted varistor quirk mastermind perseus,
historic lares sketchbook respond theology absolution zealot,
duplicity kidde danbury inhomogeneous disaccharide,
depressible yesteryear uphold catholic anything censure,
crotchety matisse mongoose caryatid

Some of these spammers are real poets. He gets bonus points for using the words varistor, hyterectomy, and matisse all in the same message.
And now I have this sudden urge to “Get Harder Than Steel” and “Make Her Scream – with 100% EFFECTIVE Generic Vi@gr’a.”
Well, go ahead and sign me up for 50 cases, Mr. Chester Ott.
Do you take checks for international bulk orders?
That is all.

2 thoughts on “Bit Serenade

  1. dude…you actually read that stuff? Try SpamBayes…you’ll hardly ever see them again…Bayesian filtering is where it’s at.

  2. When I’m at work I access this domain’s accounts through a webmail interface, so I see everything. On my own comps I use filters.

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