Gaijin Like You

When the president of the staffing company (5,500 employees) you work for makes it a point to see you in person by pulling you from your desk in front of the whole office, you may feel several hundred thousand butterflies moshing at the Pantera concert in your stomach as you get up and proceed to an adjacent conference room.
Then, when he offers you 3,000 yen ($30) for every gaijin you can introduce that signs on to the firm with the single stipulation that “they are like you”, you can nod and say thank you.
Then again, you could always point out that he is implying your own worth and feel insulted. And tell him the last time you saw somebody sold for so little it was paid for in crack and the bitch looked skankier than Paris Hilton after a six-week opiate binge. Or you could also explain that $30 isn’t even enough to hire an illegal immigrant to do your yardwork back home in sunny CA. To top it all off, you could tell him in your best gutteral gangsta-Japanese to shove it up his ass.
Me, I just nodded and said thank you.

2 thoughts on “Gaijin Like You

  1. Pathetic, really. $30 can’t even buy a purebred puppy, let alone a quality slave boy! Now you know why cloning is such a great idea!…think of all the money you could be rolling in by signing up gaigin “just rike you!” Sod off, I say!

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