Look wot I can do!

Wow. I just wrote the PERFECT POST here and lost it when I accidentally closed the browser window. Hooray for me!
No, I will not attempt to recreate it. That would be like trying to top my harshest drinking record (16 Spirytus shots) – maybe possible, but not without great suffering.
Speaking of Spirytus, I just found out from the distributor’s site that the shit isn’t really meant for drinking as-is (as if we didn’t know before):

Poland is a big, world producer of spirit obtained by the fermentation of grain or potatoes. The purification of the spirit is made by rectification in modern automated plants. Spirit obtained in this way is of an ideal purity; it is natural and serves as the basis of Polish vodka, world famous for their high quality. It is sought by consumers in order to make home made infusions of fruits and for healing purposes.

Me and Bill should be veritable doctors by now judging from all the “healing” we’ve practiced over the years.
Although the site lists the existence of a sissy brother (151 proof), I’ve only ever seen the real deal – 96% alcohol, baby. Why the fuck would they want to copy Ronrico with that half-percentage point 151 proof figure anyway? For those in the know, there can be no substitute. Spirytus separates the men from the boys, everytime.

4 thoughts on “Look wot I can do!

  1. I think we’re coming up on the 10 year anniversary
    of that fucked up evening (33 shots of spirytus in
    all). Whada ya say we have a rematch say around
    independence day or so. I could use a good healing
    these days. Anyone else with the balls to join out
    there is welcome. Time and place to be announced.
    Hit me with your best shot!!!

  2. OK, but… We gotta find Aaron. Also, we gotta find a replica tommy gun I can storm somebody’s pad with and then throw out the car window on the highway again. Maybe one will just appear again like last time…

  3. When/If we actually sit down to recreate history,
    then we’ll have found errin (Aaron) big time
    staring us in the face. And if we get in any motor
    vehicle and head towards Osaka, you know this time
    instead of scraping another vehicle whilst backing
    from one highway onto another, we’ll be met by a
    huge Mack truck exiting this time (Murphy won’t
    allow a lucky outcome if we’re that stupid again).

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