The Return of Errandbot

There’s just nothing like taking a long vacation overseas and then facing up to that first day back at work, is there? The night before is spent wondering just how in the hell you will face up to the horrors you have been so diligently erasing from memory in faraway lands, on magic beaches… Today is my second day back, and I feel lucky to have made it this far; on my way to work yesterday I was possessed by the sudden urge to pass the turnoff for the company parking lot and get on the highway instead, destination Anywhere but Here. I think the sight of the big company logo in the distance triggered a kind of fight or flight reaction, and I was tempted, however momentarily, to pull a Sir Robin. But then my inbred Japanese subservience kicked in and I got my ass in the office and behind my desk like a good salaryman.
Our time in the states was great fun, thanks to all. I will be posting notable photos soon, possibly in between unpacking and doing other fun stuff at home.

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