Why I Love Cali

This is the beach at Crystal Cove. The sand feels damn good under your feet after getting off a 12-hour plane ride. We are home for the holidays, terrorist fools be damned.
A Cosbu journey is never complete without some jump pics. Adam is jumping for joy.
Nam looks happy too.
Yeah, this is gonna be a good trip.

3 thoughts on “Why I Love Cali

  1. The horizon tilt is pretty awful, though. I should have reworked these first. Ah well, I guess I could say the “rocking boat” perspective was intentional…

  2. Jump Picture Start

    A jump in front of Kaimon-dake, Kagoshima. Props to Kaori Tanaka, the photographer. Taking good jump pictures requires a steady hand, good timing, great locations, and a willing partnership. The jumper must be willing to jump off whatever will make…

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