2 thoughts on “Sandpaper AKA Japanese Toilet Paper

  1. I would like to ask if you have an exclusive distributor here in the philippines coz here in Cebu Philippines we dont have any more idea were we can order a cheap freight payments..if you can advise me were i can order and for me to be a distributor of nikken sandpaper here in Cebu Philippines, ill be glad to contact you and do business with you.jusy give me contact number the the nearest place were we can ordet..tel.# (032) 4221969 0r mobile # 09282249707..

  2. Dear mr. Eliseo
    Good Morning
    I want to buy goods from the following Nikken Produts
    Name WTCC-C
    backing CW
    Grain CC
    Grit size 2000 and 800
    thank for your attention may recive a response
    A greeting

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