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For whatever reason you are here (for instance, if I have spammed you), welcome! The entire Cosmic Buddha site is under heavy construction, and work is being done incrementally on the static pages as well as on all weblogs hosted here. I’m working as fast as my schedule allows (read: very slowly), but my isn’t that boring to read about!
The static pages are quite old but still get a lot of hits from people looking for free kimono pics (the joke is on you, I took them all down!). I am working on installing image galleries again, and will let you know when they are up.
In addition to this main blog (weblog) I also update a moblog (mobile weblog) from my cellphone fairly regularly. You can visit it here:
Until I installed Movable Type on this hosted site, I did a lot of writing using outside web tools (namely Blogger and Yapeus) here:
That about covers the scope of my online ego at this point. I used to manage some corporate sites but blahblahblah blahblah blahblahblahblahblah…
Please visit often.
Ah, also – you can email me at:

2 thoughts on “Site News Redux

  1. Ltime no see! See you’ve been busy, very nice, very nice. Do you still have that .mac e-mail account? I think I tried to mail you a while ago but it bounced… Let me know!

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