This was a good photo to try my keitai photoshopping skillz on. This is my cousin Tate shortly after a Cuervo shooter. Tate’s dad, my uncle Takatoshi, is the head minister of a church in Nara, and it seems Tate is under a lot of pressure to get his act together… He has a younger sister and brother, and I take them out as often as I can.
Hell, we met some relatives in Kyoto for the first time last month… Aw crap I just realized that whatever I write here will be overshadowed by the photo.

1 thought on “Grotesque

  1. Do you remember those Japanese boys at Oak Grove School? Kind of distant, rebellious and sent to study far, far away from home because they wouldn’t conform? Wonder what happened to them later on…and I hope Tate has a chance to come and visit here like his mom, dad and sister!

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