4 thoughts on “Devil Mask

  1. I remember being traumatized as a kid, when I was alone in the same room with the giant wooden devil mask. Surely I will have to get one so that I can psychosomatically damage my kids in the future too, and pass emotional scars on to the next generation…

  2. When they brought it back from Hawaii, mom and dad asked me if it scared me where it was in the house. I must have been 8 or so, and of course it scared the hell out of me, but I said no. That mask still scares me. I want it for my house someday. I’ll lock noisy kids in a room with it, I think, just to appease the school of “if ya want something to cry about…”

  3. That damned mask was so irritatingly ugly and demonic that even I felt like the ancestral devils were coming out of its eyes! What was dad thinking when he brought it back from his antique shopping with jihan? And I wonder what bachan and jichan thought about it?? Do you know that it fell to the floor of our bedroom (yes, that’s where he insisted on hanging it! Nightmare city!) and cracked! Whichever one of you wants it gets to jan-ken-po the other for it and good riddance!

  4. sometimes a mask is just a mask.
    get over it.
    notice the girls did not post a reply.
    girly men (boys) try going on a vision quest on your own episode of jackass where you can learn the meaning of macho.

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