Who Needs Lucas?

So if a couple of kids can do the effects this well, all we need is a team of real writers to create Episodes 7-9 and rescue the series from its creator, right? I can’t help but think everything after Return of the Jedi was a pure ego trip. Fuck that.

Tokyo Breakfast

Warning: The following video is extremely racist and offensive. Only assholes and deviants will find it amusing. (Got your attention now? I DARE YOU not to watch it! I DOUBLE DOG dare you!)

Note: There’s an IMDB entry for this video.
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Since I’ll be here for one last summer, it means we can visit our pal Hirata’s sea kayaking school in Wakayama…

the face of jesus in my soup

Is the name of the song. Check out this video someone laid down to it:

The creator says this is “footage from local library of international driving instructions.”
I really like looking at instructional videos and cars from that era. I remember we still had “What to Do in Case of Nuclear Attack” (duck and cover!) posters on the wall at my elementary school. Even back then, I knew they were remnants from another time.

LSD con el Capitan

I’m ashamed to say I actually have this song on CD.
I guess this means I’ll be using Google Video quite frequently from now on.

Scratch the Planet

I’m testing the embedding feature of Google Video. Let’s see if this works:

(Click the play button to start playback)
Wow, that works pretty well!