Dripping Umami Bomb

Mina brought a hamburger bun stuffed with a fried duck egg over to my desk and said, “try some.” I was just waking up, so I told her I needed a minute. In that minute, the sandwich disappeared and I jokingly asked Mina why she didn’t save me any.

“Cuz it was sooo gooood.”

I fried up one of the duck eggs Nam’s sister gave us from her egg factory (she makes salted duck eggs out on her resort in the country) and threw it in a toasted burger bun with a slice of processed cheddar… UMAMI. BOMB.

It was the best, messiest, umamiest egg sandwich, ever.

Legendary Guitar Otaku Video

I can just watch this again and again:

Can’t figure out which one I love more:

I love that OF COURSE someone knows which guitar he used (some kind of strat) to record my fav song of his, Once Upon a Time in the West: Gear on album Communiqué

UPDATE: MY NEW FAVORITE MUSIC VIDEO (note: you must change settings to play at 1.25x speed)

Now it would just be irresponsible if I didn’t link my favorite guitar documentary ever, but I recommend buying it in HD because this version is very low quality. Here it is, tho:

Hematogen – the Russian Cow Blood Candy Bar!

Today I learned about Hematogen (latin: Haematogenum), which is a nutrition bar partially made from black food albumin taken from processed cow’s blood. Yum!



I also fell in love with the website where I found the original photos.

On Badminton…

“Let’s play badminton,” they said.

“I’ve never played,” I said.

“It’s all in the wrist,” they advised.

First hit: Broken strings and feathers everywhere. People shaking their heads and laughing. “We told you it’s all in the wrist!”

Idiots, I’ve been building up these wrists for thirty years. It’s what people that don’t play badminton do.