Y’all gotta cigarette?

Please forgive me for yesterday’s transgression… Here is proof of my repentance.

The full song has been uploaded here on YT and here on Soundcloud.

The original clip is mesmerizing because it’s totally believable…. Of course, a little digging never hurts when something looks too perfect. Here’s an explanation behind the original Vine that started it: “Y’all Got A Cigarette?” Vine | What’s Trending Now

And if you became an instant fan of her work after watching that last clip, you’ll also want to see this: The very BEST of TAMMY Chelcie Lynn (Vine Collection)

Oh Jesus Christ, she gets even funnier: The very BEST of TAMMY (Chelcie Lynn) PART 2


I’m in the middle of editing a particularly confusing English translation of an academic paper for publication. I usually decline work like this, but the client agreed to a generous hourly wage (it makes more sense than charging per page), so here I am, slogging it out all weekend. I hate doing work like this when the kids are home, because all I want to do is play with them and there are constant distractions.

Anyway, I had a sudden need to hear Mariah’s first album in all its Vision of Lovingestlyish glory, so I fired up the music transmogrifier and the tunes instantly flowed from my PC’s speakers… Took me back to listening to the Carpenters in my dad’s VW beetle decades ago, and I realized that there is a similar gap between musical generations – Mariah’s first album was released 24 years ago!!! Holy shit, I am old.

And now, back to the grindstone.

UPDATE #1: Let me be very specific. I keep playing one specific loop from a single song, to chase the bad English away. This one: http://youtu.be/I3_cOYvvjog?t=4m05s

UPDATE #2: Note to self – Future mashup:
“All In Your Technicolor, Blurring the Mind” by White Carey

UPDATE #3: Now I got myself stuck listening to Astrocreep 2000 while editing bad English and it’s not going so well..

Falling down I am a psychoholic
Erratic and sure I cannot fail
Replay slow smooth and automatic
Go easy riding danger
Yeah – two guns west I ride an instamatic
Polaroid rat crucifixion nail
Antenna down cruising in the deep red
Mouth of a demon angel