DJ Enferno – Higher

Top notch performance by classically trained pianist and DJ extraordinaire, Enferno. He has a launchpad to launch his launchpad on the launchpad, if you know what I mean. At my peak, which was very short (and approximately 600 years ago), the best I could do was two Discmans, a dual tape deck, and two PS1s. This guy is so fucking awesome.

If you liked his song and have a love for Hova like I do, you also need to see this one: F*ckwithmeyouknowigotit


Y’all gotta cigarette?

Please forgive me for yesterday’s transgression… Here is proof of my repentance.

The full song has been uploaded here on YT and here on Soundcloud.

The original clip is mesmerizing because it’s totally believable…. Of course, a little digging never hurts when something looks too perfect. Here’s an explanation behind the original Vine that started it: “Y’all Got A Cigarette?” Vine | What’s Trending Now

And if you became an instant fan of her work after watching that last clip, you’ll also want to see this: The very BEST of TAMMY Chelcie Lynn (Vine Collection)

Oh Jesus Christ, she gets even funnier: The very BEST of TAMMY (Chelcie Lynn) PART 2