Max Payne 2:

This is totally the shit. The original Max Payne game was groundbreaking with the first bullet-time system, actual plot and storyline, and non-stop action. MP2 is much of the same, but darker. Better graphics. I don’t really care that it’s more of an expansion pack than an entirely new game, because the first one definitely fits in my top 5 PC games of all time. My biggest bitch about the gameplay in this release is the cyclic rate of the Colt Commando – the akimbo Berettas are faster for god’s sake!

What I Did This Weekend…

I just sat around eating asse! It’s made by Morinaga (turn up the volume before clicking this link), so you can be sure it’s quality asse that melts in your mouth! I think this my new favorite food…
Note: There are 18 pieces of asse in one box. Enough for a home party!

Matrix Reloaded

I liked it.
There was one cheesy edit in the “Big Fight” sequence (when Smith first replicates). It was when Neo defies the law of everything and slides on his back to escape the 87th time. Even though it only lasted a second, it remained an indelible stain on the rest of the movie like the “Legolas Railslide” in The Two Towers or the Chow Yun “sliding between legs w/M-16” move from the car wash scene in Replacement Killers.
Funny that his being able to fly didn’t bother me at all.

Sitting in my car

It’s really late and starting to rain like crazy. I was sitting in the bar just chillin’ by myself, thinking about life and how quickly it goes by in retrospect. It sure doesn’t pass quickly when you are at work counting down minutes till freedom. Nor is this the case when you fall off a bike and really hurt yourself… Those initial waves of pain are like frozen slivers of eternity…
If some of the longest perceived moments of our lives are painful, why do we repeatedly leave ourselves vulnerable to harm?
OK, enough of this. I admit, I was trying to alleviate my beer headache by blogging, but the pixels aren’t cooperating. And the keyboard has apparently switched around all the keys since the last time I used it. I couldn’t type to save my life just now.
Now the comp is wobbling as I type with it half-perched on the steering wheel. Stay still, damn you! mijkbkihjikjnkoihtftgymjbgtdfghjkytrewedrftghygtyuyt7ujhgt6y