My Kujira Crown in Pattaya in 1979?

I happened to be watching an 8mm home video of a German family visiting Pattaya in the late 70’s and spotted what could very well be my MS-60 Toyota Crown:

It seems to be the right color and model, and these cars were originally used for government bigwigs, so it’s possible that one of them parked it right in front of the Regent Hotel back then. I’m not sure of the number imported back then, but I’ve heard stories of a parking lot filled with old ones out of service. Wish I knew where it was!



I can’t tell if this guy just put a random sticker on his car, or if this is a plea to the gods because he hasn’t changed the oil for five years. Seen in a random parking garage in Bangkok.

Toyota Crown MS60-NF VIN

This is my Kujira’s VIN. There are many like it, but this one is mine.

Well, actually, there are probably a thousand or so left in the world. This one’s still mine, tho.

The King of Thailand with a Nissan Cefiro A33

Some years ago, Nissan presented the King of Thailand, his majesty Bhumibol Adulyadej Rama IX, with the last Cefiro A33 produced in its one million unit production run in Thailand.

A good car for a great king. As a show of respect for his passing last year, we have also decided to let our beloved car go. A keen buyer has been found, and we say goodbye to our faithful ride this Friday.

Cefiro A33 Skyline Red Engine Lid Project

For the racing boy in YOU!! Custom paint job by Wattana Sound. Hand lettering accent by Yoshida Garage.

Catering to a younger demographic (the other kind of potential buyer, nostalgic old men who have wanted this car since it came out, might like it as well – the car bling runs strong in SE Asia) is hard work, but hopefully we can sell our trusty VIP ride very soon..

Only in Issan

Kubota convertible with sunshade driving around town every day with no plates and hazards flashing.




As a side note, I know this gent and he’s more of a classic than all of the twenty-odd cars in his collection… He collects all of the cars that he wanted in his youth, but couldn’t afford. Never knew he wanted a rice tractor, tho.

Bicycle lane at work


When the curb is lined with cars and long pickups (can you see the diagonal parking lines? ), you definitely do not want to hug that lane line too closely… I’ve backed in in this photo, but people usually park forward, and back out pretty much blind if there are cars on either side of them.
On a more positive note, that’s possibly the best bicycle drawn freehand with a paintbrush I’ve ever seen.

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Minor Lamentations – Kujira Crown

The culprit: Bubble rust
The culprit: Bubble rust

The Crown needs to be stripped, patched, and repainted. The last time it was done, it was done poorly. I’m thinking about using a shop just around the way, so I can go watch over the work every day. Just need to save up some money now.. I’m sure I’ll have enough in a few years. Until then? An experimental mix of vinyl wrap patch, black ink markers, and spray paint. The Kujira Crown was apparently made in an era when Japanese steel wasn’t that great – so they made it thicker. There aren’t that many holes rusted through, except at the edges. It does need to be patched properly, though.

Nissan Leaf Insane Mode?

Teslas are badass. This much is indisputable.
But Nissan Leaves (Leafs?)? Not so much.

It occurs to me that eco-minded people (or bespectacled geeks, as shown in the vid) occasionally want to be badass, too; it’s just that a Leaf is not ideally suited for that purpose… It would also very much surprise me if a stock Leaf could outperform a stock 180SX.

The first problem you would run into when trying to organize such a test, of course, is finding a stock 180SX. As a sister model of the Silvia S-13 (ahem!) and ultra-iconic drift car in all of its forms (beginning with the first-gen “pignose” models), there probably hasn’t been an unmodified one since approximately two weeks after the last third gens rolled off the production line in 1998.

I miss my Silvia.