Updating to MT 4.2

I’ll be upgrading to a newer version of my blog software this evening, so please tell me if electricity is cut off all up and down the west coast or something as a result, k?
Meanwhile at Yoshida Manor:

Shared server tool

Use this handy site to see what other domains are hosted on your shared server: Reverse IP Domain Check
It was mildly amusing to find a site on my shared server called, I shit you not, “Penguin Sex.” And yes, I was too scared to click the link (well, at work anyway).

A conversation I just had

A: Why did you let the mouse escape from the (nonlethal cage-type) trap?
B: I was trying to put it in a box!
A: Why?
B: I wanted to put it in the box and let it go outside somewhere…
A. Why didn’t you just take the cage outside and let it go?
B: There are ants on it! I hate ants!
A. Hi! I’m NOVA!
(hey guys! maybe it’s time to update the old website