Photo of the Year – Aditya ‘Romeo’ Dev

Do you really want to know the whole story, or is the photo just fine by itself? Actually, there’s more photos available so you better go check it out: Meet the world’s smallest bodybuilder
Almost as shocking is this other item KC pointed out today: Gary Coleman reveals he’s been secretly married

5 thoughts on “Photo of the Year – Aditya ‘Romeo’ Dev”

  1. The picture is enough. Almost freakish (I have a fear of clowns and dwarves) and reminds me of the “doll” episode on “The Twilight Zone.”
    Ever see the movie, “In Bruges?”

  2. What’s up?! The bar’s computer has been down
    for awhile, but is finally up again. All i have
    to say about this is: Look out for KING COBRA!!

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