Raped by the Eye Doctor

Today as I was cleaning my glasses, I thought, “wouldn’t it suck if these broke,” immediately after which I accidentally snapped them in half. Bummer. To take a cue from Visa, let me sum up the experience by value:
A new set of Mononofu titanium frames: 25,000 yen
A pair of ultrathin lenses: 18,000 yen
The KA-CHING! look on the optometrist’s face when I asked for a rush job just before closing time: PRICELESS
On a more positive note, I got a haircut yesterday and therefore can drastically cut down on the amount of shampoo I use.

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  1. i’d just like remind you that the haircut cost more than the shampoo you’d save…and i’m against haircuts as you know.

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