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A tale of two fishes

What’s the difference between the words “fish” and “fishes”,? This was explained to me a few weeks ago in a lecture about fishes (and if you feel I’ve left anything out, please let me know): Fish (I’m just dealing with … Continue reading

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LOTR: the Passing of the Torch

Brian Herbert, with Kevin J. Anderson, took up the Dune universe’s story after his father, Frank Herbert, passed away. I thought he did a very good job in staying true to his father’s vision, and really enjoyed the two books … Continue reading

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Whale Bomb

I remember hearing about another whale exploding on the streets of China a few years ago. Well, it happened again in Taiwan. This time with a Sperm Whale: link Why would the researchers wait until now to move a whale … Continue reading

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National Geographic, April 2007

The latest issue of National Geographic magazine is exceptional, which is the highest praise I can give it. I’ve grown up reading this magazine, and the two main stories are both on topics that I love. The main story is … Continue reading

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For the moment, comments are down, so don’t feel bad if they aren’t getting posted. I’ll be working on updating this blog, and will let you know when comments are back online. Thanks for your patience.

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?? over Pacific Grove

One evening, the moon was intensely bright and illuminated everything on my walk home from work. Ignoring my hunger, I grabbed my D50 as soon as I got home, and snapped some pictures. This is a view from my front … Continue reading

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Sea Animal Submarines

You have two marine animals to choose from: Fabien Cousteau’s Shark Innerspace’s dolphin

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Aphex Mickey

(thx Brent)

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IV TV meets Troops

There used to be a cool show on public access television in Santa Barbara called IV TV that chronicled the happenings in Isla Vista, U.C. Santa Barbara’s college town. This was the best independent TV show ever, and dealt with … Continue reading

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Like my brother, I get a real sense of satisfaction from keeping a car in good condition. I don’t particularly enjoy washing, waxing, vacuuming, shampooing, or doing the other things that make a car look great, but it feels pretty … Continue reading

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