Dude in the 680 toll both

Jesus Quintana rocking out in a toll booth–that’s what this cat looks like when I pull up to the queue to cross the bridge at Martinez. I remember the last time I saw him, a few months back. He’s a tall, lanky Latino wearing black with a long ponytail and a large silver cross, laced with stones, hanging from his neck.

Dude is having the time of his life, smiling and dancing in his booth and is super friendly as I hand over $5. We exchange greetings, and though I interact with him for less than 10 seconds, that instant makes me much richer for the experience. What is your secret to being so happy and how did you develop the ability to infect strangers instantly in a toll booth, of all places? Clearly, you have found your road to happiness. I choose to believe that the random string of great music pumping out of my iPod for the rest of the night was somehow the result of running into this guy.

If you happen to be driving this stretch, I’ve run into the happy toll booth attendant one booth over from the furthest right hand side. Go see him. It will be $5 that you won’t mind handing over at a toll booth, and you may come out richer for the experience.