IV TV meets Troops

There used to be a cool show on public access television in Santa Barbara called IV TV that chronicled the happenings in Isla Vista, U.C. Santa Barbara’s college town. This was the best independent TV show ever, and dealt with controversial topics as well as the crazy stuff that went on back then.
One of the craziest shows captured the aftermath of David Attias slamming his car into 5 pedestrians, killing 4 of them. I was one of many that night that was out on those streets that night. I think the whole town felt united in their rage and sadness, following this senseless act. IV TV was on the scene, and showed us what happened.
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It was in college that I was introduced to the Troops vids. These shorts were pretty cool, and gave us a glimpse of the Star Wars Universe in much the same way that Dante and Randall speculated about the loss of innocent life as a result of blowing up the Death Star in The Return of the Jedi.
I watched the following video, which brought back memories of IV TV and Troops:
Stabbing at Leia’s 22nd Birthday

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Ah, it brings back so many memories…