IV TV meets Troops

There used to be a cool show on public access television in Santa Barbara called IV TV that chronicled the happenings in Isla Vista, U.C. Santa Barbara’s college town. This was the best independent TV show ever, and dealt with controversial topics as well as the crazy stuff that went on back then.
One of the craziest shows captured the aftermath of David Attias slamming his car into 5 pedestrians, killing 4 of them. I was one of many that night that was out on those streets that night. I think the whole town felt united in their rage and sadness, following this senseless act. IV TV was on the scene, and showed us what happened.
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It was in college that I was introduced to the Troops vids. These shorts were pretty cool, and gave us a glimpse of the Star Wars Universe in much the same way that Dante and Randall speculated about the loss of innocent life as a result of blowing up the Death Star in The Return of the Jedi.
I watched the following video, which brought back memories of IV TV and Troops:
Stabbing at Leia’s 22nd Birthday

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Ah, it brings back so many memories…

They Might be Science

TMBG are cool because they explain seemingly complex scientific things through song.
One of my favorite TMBG songs describes fusion on the Sun:

“The Sun is a mass of incandescent gas, a gigantic nuclear furnace
where hydrogen is built into helium at a temperature of millions of degrees
The Sun is hot, the Sun is not a place where we could live,
But here on Earth there’d be no life without the life it gives.”

link-check out the cool animation of the bio-mechanics of the ear.
Do you want to see what they were able to do with the circulatory system? Check out this cartoon titled Bloodmobile.

Is Mencia a theif?

***Update 5***
Um, this is getting to be pretty hard for Mencia to explain away…
***Update 4***
Carlos Mencia and Bobby Lee weigh in on the feud.
***Update 3***
Techdirt discusses the irony of the DCMA taking the side of Mencia, who allegedly plagiarized other comedians’ acts, against Joe Rogan, who exposed Mencia.
Also, this video actually works (for now):***Update 2***
Ah, this keeps on getting better:
Joe Rogan got banned from the Comedy Store as a result of the video. Luckily Joe has his gig as a UFC commentator and other venues to perform comedy to fall back on.
Mencia might have won this battle, but it will be interesting to see if his credibility can remain intact in the long-term. For that matter, I’d like to hear his perspective on all of this.
(This video is the one that the DMCA had taken down)

My brother and I enjoyed watching the first season of The Mind of Mencia, but then his stuff started getting old and repetitive to the point where I would change the channel if his program came on. I noticed that others felt similarly about the show. Why had Mencia’s show started off with such a bang and then fizzled out?
Joe Rogan’s account of his on-stage confrontation with Mencia gives the reader a possible explanation.
Did Mencia, or “Ned”, really steal some of his material? Why is he not forthcoming about his non-Mexican heritage?
The video and Rogan’s entry are undoubtedly biased against Mencia, but after reviewing the video I am left questioning the integrity of Mencia and his material.

Time for 24

When I was in Japan last year, I looked forward to seeing a new episode of 24 each week. It was one of the highlights of the work week when I could discuss the show with my brother and a few like-minded friends.

I believed Justin posted this site last year, but I’m going to put up this link again:


It’s about to start, time to go!