Whale Bomb

I remember hearing about another whale exploding on the streets of China a few years ago. Well, it happened again in Taiwan. This time with a Sperm Whale:
Why would the researchers wait until now to move a whale from the beach. Did they not think about the consequences of letting a whale decompose for 2 months before doing a necropsy?
Can you imagine the carnage? Putrid whale entrails splattered on the buildings, cars, and the street with such force and volume that it stopped traffic…

3 thoughts on “Whale Bomb”

  1. I can’t believe this happened again. Even more idiotic, that the size of the stinky dead decomposing sperm whale’s penis drew a crowd of admirers.

  2. ahhhh yes. The exploding whale trick. If you recall the aroma of the decomposed tuna in the ice chest trick – what a spectacle that had to be. I guess this whale also gave many Taiwanese men an extreme case of microphallic tendencies.

  3. A bit early but – Happy birthday to you! Will sing out loud as soon as I wake up on 4/3.

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