National Geographic, April 2007

The latest issue of National Geographic magazine is exceptional, which is the highest praise I can give it. I’ve grown up reading this magazine, and the two main stories are both on topics that I love.
The main story is entitled “Saving the Sea’s Bounty” and is broken down into:
The Majestic Bluefin
Safe Haven in New Zealand
Village of Empty Nets
The smaller story is entitled “The Roots of Hip-hop”.
Both stories are really well done.
You can take a look at what’s inside at the National Geographic Magazine website.

3 thoughts on “National Geographic, April 2007”

  1. “A curious thing happens when fish stocks decline: People who aren’t aware of the old levels accept the new ones as normal. Over generations, societies adjust their expectations downward to match prevailing conditions. The concept of a healthy ocean drifts from greater to lesser abundance, richer to poorer biodiversity.”

  2. Rah, rah for National G! This was an amazing issue and while the online version is great, I’ve just got to get the magazine and feel those pictures come to life!

  3. for recreational fishermen, this does not bode well. It’s unfortunate that most environmental concerns just do not discern between recreational and commercial fishermen. When one gets restrictions, the other inevitably gets affected. Perhaps we need to think of a new word to describe the recreational fisherman. The problem is, when asked either one will answer that they are fishermen.

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