June 4 — Trips from the Road

Despite rainy weather, we decided to make a day trip for abalone. The swell wasn’t the predicted 2 feet that we hoped for, but it wasn’t too bad. The water could best be described as “sharky”, due to a combination of runoff from the cow pastures, tiny bubbles mixed into the dark silty water and the appearance of pockets of blue sky that casted our silhouettes down to the obscured depths. Who says that you have to make better decisions when you get older? Apparently, we didn’t look too appetizing to any sharks that may have seen us. Despite horrible visibility, we got 5 of the little suckers after about 30 minutes in the water.

But enough about that, I decided to break out my D-50 and to take pictures on the ride back home. If you ever get a chance to drive, hike and dive this stretch of coastline a few hours north of San Francisco, take it!


Like my brother, I get a real sense of satisfaction from keeping a car in good condition. I don’t particularly enjoy washing, waxing, vacuuming, shampooing, or doing the other things that make a car look great, but it feels pretty good to know that it is being maintained in the best condition possible. Waxing a car is a tedious, time consuming process, but when you wipe away the haze to reveal a mirror-like finish and see a previously hidden depth exposed, it is all worth it.
Most of you don’t take the time to wash and wax your cars yourself, and unless you do, you won’t understand the exact feeling I’m talking about. No, taking your car to the car wash won’t accomplish the same thing.
Since I’ve returned to the States, this is the 3rd car that I’ll be involved in selling. I’m getting it into the best shape I can before it’s going to be sold, as I have done with the previous two cars.
On another note, I know I haven’t been posting any great posts or new pictures lately, and I apologize for that. Give me a bit more time to figure things out and to regain my equilibrium while I develop my focus. I’ll be working on it, even if it isn’t apparent right now.