Max’s Painting – Horse

Max draws and/or paints every day. He could draw better than me at age 2, which is not saying much, but still… he must have his mother’s drawing skills. This horse really tickles me.

Max’s Horse

3 thoughts on “Max’s Painting – Horse

  1. Give him all the huge wall space at home, inside and out so he’s able to fully express the hugeness of his love of painting! I drew murals of horses, just as he’s doing, but in huge murals on my bedroom and bathroom walls and when I was punished, on the outside walls of the tool shed. When I was shut in the closet for futher creative infractions (penciled fight scene between Jule’s Vern’s giant octopus/squid and shark,signed,no less!) I drew angry scenes of trolls, devils and scary monsters. Max is so talented and amazing! Thanks for keeping his drawings/paintings for posterity!

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