Sad but True

Probably the only famous Australian you can immediately conjure to mind has died. Sad, and sad.
UPDATE: So did the sales genius behind Ginsu knives.
UPDATE 2: For the next twenty years, the stingray will be inexorably linked, in the mind of pretty much everyone, to Steve Irwin’s death. But that’s the coolest thing about Steve: The stingray will be remembered for his death, but not villainized, because everybody knows he never would have blamed the animal. His gift was being able to convey his genuine goodwill to animals without seeming fake or preachy.
It is being reported that the police are in possession of the actual footage of the accident, and that it might have occurred because the animal was caught between Steve and the cameraman and felt threatened.

2 thoughts on “Sad but True

  1. Truly sad and ironic. I always assumed he’d get tagged by a deadly viper or spider….but not a fish. And I didn’t know that stingrays can “getcha” while they were swimming…or did I read the news release wrong? In any case, I hope neither of his two beautiful children inherited the “foolhardy life endangering XXX gene”, which could cause even more pain and sadness for their mom.

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