Monday, December 24, 2007

Keep your boyfriends close and your girlfriends closer

I've come to this concept that while I care about my significant other, I don't want to ever have to sacrefice my girlfriends for my one boyfriend. I think that girlfriends are important in general, as well. For a girl to not have any girlfriends, or attempt to make girlfriends, I think, is wierd. Girls who claim that they "hate girls and are only friends with guys" are, to me, starved for male attention and use the reason to hate girls as an excuse. Girls need girls just like how guys need guys. We're not built the same and really, you should be able to get along with your own females! And seriously, I think everyone gets along with guys better because they just don't get caught up in the details like how girls can.

Guys come and go, but girlfriends are the ones that pick you up when you need them to. Guys just aren't programmed the same; sometimes you just need a hug, the right encouragement, a good cry, and you're good to go. Guys don't get that sometimes. Or at least my guys never have, lol. So thanks, girls, for being there for me.


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