Monday, December 03, 2007


Every time I step into an elevator, usually the first thing that comes to mind is,

"Why does it smell like that??"

It's different every time! I blame it on the lack of air circulation and the fact that the elevator is so slow, there is enough time for a smell to linger. The smells aren't always offensive, but it makes me think that there are little stories that these elevators capture through scent.

Smells I've smelled and that the story I have behind it:
1. Paperbag/cardboard box scent. I figure someone either is moving in/out or they went grocery shopping and are environmentally concious (they chose paper instead of plastic!) I get good feelings out of these elevator experiences.
2. Cooked food. This gives me mixed feelings, but usually it's a good-smelling dish...makes me hungry once I leave the elevator though! Usually I think of visiting friends, potlucks, holiday gatherings and those kinds of stories.
3. Perfume. Most of the time, I don't like the smell of stale perfume. It also tells me that the girl is wearing too much of it if there's enough to linger in an elevator. I wonder, does she shower? Did she have an important date? Does she really really like this perfume? ...and why?
4. B.O. These are the worst. I don't know why this happens but days where it smells like B.O. is just horrible. I keep thinking that the smell molecules are sticking to me and mutating to have ME start having B.O. It's pretty scary and I wait at the front of the elevator doors holding my breath and hoping to get out as quickly as possible.
5. Farts. People should NOT fart in elevators. It's a terrible surprise when those doors slide open and a whoosh of fart hits you in the face. It shouldn't linger like that! ahhhh!
6. Cigs/alcohol. Usually cigs and alcohol go hand in hand. These happen on weekends usually. Costa Verde = Dorms 2.0
7. Yak. It's like slow motion when you're about to step into an elevator and screech to a halt because there's a puddle of yak in the middle. Yikes! Someone partied too hard!

So as you can see, the elevator in Costa Verde is full of scented adventure. And if you're like me, you make up stories on your way up to your apartment. Come visit me!


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