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When I worked for ECC in Osaka, a company that was one of the larger companies that provided English instruction in schools and in the private sector, I occasionally did voice acting for their manuals. It is very possible that in some classroom or study area that Japanese people are listening to my voice, trying to imitate my accent. Scary thought.

Today, I got a request from my friend Luke asking me to record the following:

This is a script students are doing for a play and they need American voices.

Can you help and make a recording???

I would SUPER appreciate man!!!

A: Where is the Jap?
B: I heard an explosion over there.
C: Be careful.
A/B: Yeah…

A: Hey! Look!
B: Freeze! I’ll shoot him.
C No, don’t shoot.
B: Why!? He is Japanese.
C: Look he surrendered.
A: But it might be a trap!
C: No, he has already lost his fighting will.
B: Yeah…

Your motivation is that this Japanese villager was about to commit suicide by blowing them all to pieces and couldn’t go through with it. Eventually surrendering.

So I roped Mika to play the part of “C”. Here’s what we came up with. Now that I’ve started to accumulate a portfolio as a voice actor, I’m expecting the offers for lucrative opportunities to come rolling in. Any second now…

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