Crazy Baby Bunnies

This entry marks the beginning of a series on a road trip that I took with my little sister and her boyfriend a few months ago:
The rabbits have been out in great numbers everywhere. They don’t seem to need much to proliferate. I’ve seen them in the grass, chaparral, and riparian habitats.
Young bunnies seem to be less spooky than the adults. This one liked to get really close, and then started spazzing out, running this way and that. I think I saw them do the same thing to coyotes on the Discovery Channel. I don’t remember why they do this, butt it reminds me of the behaviour of young humans.
If you like bunny rabbits, you might check out Daniel Chong’s short story.
I tried stewed rabbit in France, and remember it being a mild, succulent meat. Trying rabbit was one of the first times that I tried something not usually eaten in America, and this experience set me on the path to eating animals, parts of animals, and other things that I would have never been able to try had I stuck to the McDonalds diet when visiting foreign lands. I’ll take stewed rabbit over a Big Mac any day!
Doesn’t he look cute/delicious? Mmmmm. Stewed rabbit.

8 thoughts on “Crazy Baby Bunnies”

  1. I agree, rabbit is a deliciously mild, sweet, tender meat. In my opinion, it’s a better, cleaner source of meat protein than chicken, pork or beef. And it’s quieter, too!

  2. I have a pet rabbit when i was very young. Unfortunately, those @#$$#%$ adults (well actually my parents) sneakingly slaughtered it to make chinese tonic, sigh! … 🙁 think i cried for few days? oh well, i still have my cat to play with then.

  3. Wow, you’re the second person to tell me that their parents killed their kid’s pet rabbit to eat (or in your case, to use for medicine).
    Just to clarify my stance, I am against eating pets. Eating someone’s pet is not a nice thing to do. Even if that pet is very, very delicious.

  4. Good thing you clarified that stance, because you keep making jokes about eating our fat little puppies, who are now reaching rabbit size! Run, Killer, run!

  5. I have never had stewed rabbit, but that little rabbit looks so cute, especially in that last photo, that I don’t know how you can write about stewing him/her ; )

  6. Heh, well I didn’t really want to eat that rabbit. I just think that it might taste good. I know, it sounds kind of twisted, but that’s what came to mind when I was editing these pictures.
    As long as you are detached from your food, it is easier to swallow. For all I know the bacon I ate last week was taken from a very likable pig, but since I had never met it, all I know is that it was delicious. Once you develop a relationship with something, anything really, things change.

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