The Future of Medicine needs to pay more attention

A big post about my road trip with my little sister looms in the not-so-distant future, but in the meantime here’s a small taste of our journey:
We were walking through Yellowstone on one fine afternoon, admiring geysers like the one pictured above. Little did we imagine that one of our group would be taken down in a most unexpected incident in front of Vent Geyser.
Extensive wooden walkways have been installed all around in order to minimize the impact that the park welcomes each year, as well as to keep people safe from the hazards of walking off of the known path. Once in a while, someone will wander off path and fall through the earth into super-heated water, resulting in burns or even death. It’s refreshing not to be over-protected from things that can hurt you but won’t unless you do something stupid. In a country where too many things are ruined for us all because some dumbass does something to ruin it for us all, it is nice to be able to go somewhere where you are given responsibility for your own safety.
Merin is pointing and laughing at Chris, a fellow med school student at Rosalind Franklin University, after he got his ass kicked by a park bench. As he was walking along the edge of the trail, he failed to notice the bench in front of him and hit it with such force with one shin that he tripped and smacked his other shin into the bench seat before falling forward onto the bench. It looked and sounded painful, but no sympathy was forthcoming.
“It really hurts!”, whined the pre-med.
“Hahahahahaha!”, we replied. From that point on his responses, no matter what he said, elicited nothing but laughter. It still makes me laugh just thinking about it. He’s not quite ready for the responsibilities that come with walking around shin high obstacles.
I live to take pictures so that I can remember moments like these. Yes, be proud America, for he is among the students destined to blaze the path of the future of medicine!

3 thoughts on “The Future of Medicine needs to pay more attention”

  1. *ouch* did he saw something voluptuous that could have caused severe clouding of vision in all direction except one. ;P
    I was ar NZ Waiotapu thermal wonderland last year. I think the geysers were smaller scale then the ones at yellowstone. the colored thermal pools were really beautiful.

  2. No, he doesn’t have any excuse. He was just walking without looking where he was going and *thud, thud* fell down, writhing in agony on the park bench.
    I didn’t know that NZ has something like Yellowstone- yet another reason to visit!

  3. Poor Chris! And you want future docs to be more humanized, showing more compassion and empathy for their patients? Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha! Chris, remember the Alamo!

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