Stop poking your face!

I finally found out who taught Mina to (irritatingly) pose for photos like a Japanese gyaru… She works at my wife’s uni, so I won’t say much except that she’ll find out about karma if she ever has kids — I’ll be teaching them to flip off every camera they see. I must admit, this habit Mina has picked up is kind of cute, but she does it in every shot. That’s OK, having the culprit’s baby giving the bird in every photo will be cute as hell, too.

@ Jungceylon, Patong Beach, Phuket

2 thoughts on “Stop poking your face!

  1. Yeah, annoying because you cannot stop little ones from hamming it up and they get downright stubborn and mad at you for telling them to “stop it!”
    But she’s still a cutie patootie!

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