Spotted Richard

It seems the Welsh have submitted fully to their nanny state and its uber-PC agenda. I present to you the faded glory of Spotted Dick with its newly government-approved nomenclature: Pudding renamed Spotted Richard
Today suet pudding, tomorrow your right to breathe, I tell you.
They should have tried a compromise. You know, something a with a bit more pizazz. How about Speckled Prick or Dotted Cock?
What they settled on for an alternative, Sultana Sponge, is kinda more disgusting in a contraceptical kinda way, if you know what I mean… A bit of Sultana Sponge with heavy cream, anyone?
And how about renaming their town while they’re at it?

1 thought on “Spotted Richard

  1. I never knew what a Spotted Dick was, so I’m tickled by that article
    Using the creative writing exercise you provided (re: Dutch Wife), here is my entry:
    Poor dick. He has spots currently. Perhaps a sponge bath with the sultana would make it all go away!

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