And you thought cosplay was bad…

Now that I have your full attention, may I introduce: THE TOP 10 MOST RIDICULOUS BLACK METAL PICS OF ALL TIME (note: not safe for work, or anywhere else, really)
And speaking of blasts from the past, I downloaded three classics from my wasted youth last night: Willow, The Princess Bride, and The Beastmaster. Together with my Hawk the Slayer DVD, I now possess the keys to Greyskull! Gandaaaalf!

6 thoughts on “And you thought cosplay was bad…

  1. Are you forgetting the most EXCELLENT video I gave you a couple of weekends ago? How you could you NOT include the Dogboy in your list?!?! I am hurt. BUT! “No one carries the DogBoy!!”

  2. An after thought…I look at some of those picts and think to myself, “Could I REALLY play the drums in something like that?”

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