SPAM was better as a canned pink meat

Some asshole spammer is spamming blogs with a link from my blog (details here). He’s spamming my readers/commenters, it seems. I apologize for this. I have nothing to do with the spam being sent. But I still feel very bad about the people getting spammed.
On the brighter side of things, SPAM spelled backwards is still MAPS.

5 thoughts on “SPAM was better as a canned pink meat

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    A bizarre new spam trend has emerged over the last few days – spamming people’s blogs with links to other people’s blogs. I’ve had a large number of trackback pings over the past few days containing links to five blogs, three locate…

  2. I feel your pain. That @#$@!% is doing the same to me too now. I was just wondering, is it still going on with your site or did it stop already?

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