Monday, July 21, 2008

Weekend Getaway

...with my girls! Saturday was Cassie's graduation party and I was happy to be able to make it. Kat picked me up to go to Oceanside where Cassie's new house is at. On the way, we picked up our favorite Linda from the train station who managed to buy a whole new outfit while waiting for our lagging butts. The train station is only 15 minutes from Cassie's house but we managed to somehow get lost and take a whole hour instead. But that's okay, if I'm going to get lost there's no one else I'd rather get lost with than these two girls who don't know where we're going.

We finally arrived at Cassie's and it was such a nice house! Just the right size with a great backyard that had a pool and firepit. I don't think I've been in the pool for that long since I was like 12, lol.

Brian found a lizard...and a frog.

<3 My Freshman girls.

We had a slumber party that in we slumbered during the party, haha. We went to bed pretty early as Kat kicked Linda out of her bed.

The next day we went down to the Harbor to get smoothies but ran out of time so instead we dropped Linda off at the train and found a really good Crepes place. I don't usually like crepes, but this place was delicious! O_O I am drooling just thinking about it! I should have taken a picture, darn.

After that, we walked on the pier before heading back down to La Jolla.

And as of this morning, I received my contract for the internship in Cebu, Philippines. O_O Making me nervous! I'm set to leave early October.

P.S. Everyone should start a blog so I can keep up with you all! =)

July 18th, 2008
The Perfect Day

Despite my mini-meltdown, I am enjoying my summer. Today was basically a perfect day being active, eating well, random moments, constant laughter and basically having fun.

It's a luxury I won't have for much longer, but these days, it's nice to have absolutely nothing to do. And I'm not the only one; we have a good group of people who also have nothing to do. We have so much of nothing to do that we have to spread out our plans so that we actually have something to do each day.

Because today was that great, I'm logging it here so that I can remember (because everyone knows how my memory is).

My parents spent the night last night and despite having an uncomfortable sleep on the lumpy couch, we woke up early to get breakfast together. I took them to Hash House in Hillcrest because I knew they'd appreciate the large portions of "healthy" food.

We came back, packed up some stuff and went on their way back home.

I then had another gap of nothing to do. So I called my surfing buddy and we went...surfing. Or at least tried; it was really choppy and/or I'm just really terrible at it still. I've reached a plateau in my progress with surfing and it's really frustrating. My knees and legs are all banged up and bruised from getting up on the board.

After that, we decided to have a barbecue to finish off some of the frozen meat we had in the freezer. Just a hint, a great recipe for chicken breast is to coat it in oil and season with garlic salt and chili pepper. No joke! That's it! It was so juicy and delicious! I only brag because it's true! On the other hand, our beer and lime recipe was a fail. Don't do it, it ends up tasting like nothing but chicken. Add in some mint icecream sandwiches, a stuffed monkey and some good timing and you've got 20 minutes of solid laughter.

PB was next on our list of nothing to do, so we quickly cleaned up and went down to celebrate a birthday. Tonight was just so random and crazy as I ran into not one but TWO high school people. One I used to be really good friends with in 2nd grade and haven't really spoken to since and the other I haven't seen since high school It was a very much welcomed run-in. I also saw a Singapore friend and it was nice to see someone from that era. Tonight was a blast from the past like whoa.

Even though we swore off PB Bar and Grill, I actually had a lot of fun. Terrible dancing and mimicking are always a recipe for good times. Honestly, people who take themselves too seriously while dancing don't realize that they'll be our next victim. People gotta let loose and just have fun! Don't try and look too seductive or try too hard in general...everyone can tell!

Anyways, tomorrow is Nordstrom's huge sale so we'll see what's up if I wake up in time. Peace, Love and Happiness!

July 17th, 2008

So it's pretty much decided: I'm going to the Philippines. I haven't signed the papers yet, but by emailing the internship coordinator to "check in," it has made me mentally commit.

On the good news, I'll be doing a 2 month stint and if they like my work I'll stay for another 6 months. Worst case scenario is that I'll have a 2 month test and then bail if I really can't handle it. So until I leave for that side of the world again, I feel like I'm stuck in transition. I'm floating between two worlds, just waiting to shift to the next gear. Until then, I really just need to tell myself to CHILL OUT and relax.

Today I had a mini freakout for various reasons, none of them really new or interesting. I guess the process of actually moving out really hit me hard about having to decide what to do and where to go. Having my parents come down shows me how I'm different and yet the same and either way I'm not comfortable with it. Not having the boy around as my reliable best friend has made me question our future as a couple. How are two people supposed to maintain such a close intimacy over 10-11 months being worlds apart? How will I maintain the friendships I have here?

So many different paths to be taken and I'm terrified I'm going to pick the wrong one.

I can't seem to explain this to anyone because everyone says, "Don't worry, you'll be fine." And I understand those words, I do. I understand the intent behind them, but their soothing effect has lost any influence over me. I need something more to really feel secure and those words don't help in the least.

I'm trying to shift gears, but I feel like I'm stuck on a hill.


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