Sunday, July 06, 2008

Getting Closer to being Farther

While it felt like things were just getting started, things are also starting to wrap up, I can feel it. The boy will be leaving tomorrow and one by one everyone else will part ways. While I do not like having attachments, I do enjoy them while they're on a good run. Interpret that however you want, but I hope my good connections don't disappear.

When I look at my life's goals, I know I've always wanted to travel and live abroad, but that was with the assumption that I wouldn't be alone. I don't get homesick, but I miss having good friends and company to share experiences with. If home is where the heart is, then I guess I do get homesick when I don't have the people I care about around me. I wish I could bring just one or two good friends with me wherever I go. If not, I'd be happy with the assumption that we're still good friends when I return. Either way, I take it hard when I feel like relationships and friendships are pulling apart.

This wasn't meant to be a slightly sad posting, but I guess it will have that tone for now.

In related news, I am very close to accepting that internship abroad.

::drum roll::

It will be in Cebu, Philippines at a film production company, Bigfoot Entertainment. I originally wanted to work on Fashion TV Asia, which they also direct, but unfortunately there is no business side to that...just filming and editing, that sort of thing. While I'd love to learn about it, I do not know if that's what I want to do as a career. Instead, I may be going into their marketing department and work on marketing for the movies they make instead, which is also very exciting to me. Also, Cebu is supposedly beautiful with tropical beaches and such, something I've always enjoyed being around.
My main concerns are:
1. Safety. I've grown up with the idea that the Philippines is extremely dangerous, next to Indonesia. I'm currently gathering information on the safety of that particular city by internet research and emails to current interns. Anyone know anything about the place? My family will not be excited to hear this.
2. 6 month commitment. Unfortunately, I can't start the internship until October as I have a dear high school friend's wedding to attend. Many people have suggested that I skip the wedding, "She'd understand," and I know she would, but I know I would forever regret not attending my first wedding, and that of a high school friend! It'll be the first of us high school friends to be married, how can I miss out on that? Despite the confliction, I know I won't regret attending. The problem with waiting until after her wedding is that I am also applying to the JET program to teach English in Japan. The 6 months overlaps into the interviews that I need to attend in the US, my "country of citizenship." There are no exceptions. This means that IF I am granted an interview, I will have to fly back for a few days just to attend an interview. Very expensive. =( Please help donate to the Kristen Fund.
3. Being lonely. Again, I've never really gotten homesick, but company is what I need...

Anyways, for the few readers I may have, any words of wisdom? I'm a bit jumbled with how I feel about everything happening so quickly.

Mactan, Cebu, Philippines


Blogger Justin said...

Philippines: More security bars on doors/windows and guards with shotguns than you could ever imagine. You might have a problem with the redundancy of the food. Excellent stick fighting schools, though.

Wedding: Do or do not.

Being lonely: Traveling will make you love your family and friends at home more. Don't grow old to regret not having seen as much of the world as you would have liked to...

Monday, July 07, 2008 7:34:00 AM  

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