Thursday, July 24, 2008

Current life is consistent, not chunky

As I was talking with my friend, Katrina, today, I realized that my life has been very consistent lately. Consistent in the idea that I've been seeing the same friends and doing kind of the same things for a few weeks. It's kind of nice! During the school year, I'm always juggling AKPsi, Freshmen friends, DSP friends, random friends, of course schoolwork, and just always on the go with seeing different friends and groups of people. I guess it's kind of saying that I stretched myself out a bit thin. I never like neglecting friends so I'm always playing catch up with them.

But this summer I've kind of just let myself slip into a very comfortable way of life. I like it. I wake up knowing who I can call and have a general idea of their schedule. I think part of it is because I have nothing to do...don't get me wrong, I'm not as busy and so that's probably why I can be so leisurely. But it's nice and I'm enjoying it!

As of now, life consists of:

1. The beach and surfing. Usually I go with Calvin and sometimes Kristy...all part of the Absolutelynothingtodo Club. I swear I'll take a photo for proof that we're actually going out in the water at some point.

Here's that photo I promised. But seriously, the photo doesn't do it justice!

2. KatCassieLinda
Okay, maybe not Linda as much as we'd like, but I still clump her in with us! If I had a consistent group of girl friends, they would be it. =) <3 143 *teehee* /nerdiness

Today, we actually went to the beach to just lay around like normal girls.

3. Emailing Irvin, the Boy.
I really dislike long distance relationships, but I guess I'm acclimating. Acclimating in the sense that I'm getting used to not seeing his face, hearing his voice or have a sense that I still have an existing boyfriend! =( If you're bored, you can read his new blog here: He actually has some funny things written in there since he's interning in Vietnam.

4. AIM Chats with Will.
No seriously, I am online for a lot of the day (I'm not gonna lie) and apparently, so is Will. But not only that, he actually keeps up a good conversation! Yesterday I learned that his least favorite smells are of corn and peanut butter cups. His favorite smell is of peach cobbler. Ta-daaa!

5. Pretending like I'm going to finally pack up my life and clean out the apartment.

...yeah. Why else do you think I'm procrastinating with this blog entry? lol.


OpenID akapumpkinpie said...

wow even in your consistent group of friends, it's still a pretty good chunk :)
...this is why i love summer. it enables you to realize the joy of keepin' it simple when life isn't constantly moving forward.

Sunday, July 27, 2008 11:10:00 PM  

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