Tuesday, July 08, 2008


I just met with my neighbor, Chris, for some coffee and catch-up. We've always introduce each other as "my neighbor, Chris/Kristen" but to extend his title, he's been my longest childhood friend, the brother I never had and real family. We've always been neighbors, but not always friends. I met him in kindergarden, on the bus, and little did I know that he lived across the street! We took the bus together, carpooled, walked home and had younger siblings who were also the same age. We played Treehouse, rode around on bikes, rollerbladed and played almost every day. Every time it was time to go to another school we had to fight rumors of being boyfriend and girlfriend. That was really annoying.

By the time we entered high school together, we started avoiding each other completely. We went through changes, phases, and basically stopped talking because we pissed each other off. But once we graduated, there was a slight change. I went off to UCSD and he went to community college.

Nowadays, it's become apparent that we've come a long way since Kindergarden. We pick up like no time has passed, and no words can describe my appreciation for such friendship. It's transgressed friendship, it's just family now. Real family. People you just can't seem to get rid of despite your disagreements. I hope I can have more Chrises in my life. =)


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