Monday, July 07, 2008


I'm alone in the apartment for the first time. I don't remember ever having to sleep here by myself and while it sounds pathetic, I've grown accustomed to having the boy around. Even if we weren't being "couple-y" by watching tv together or cooking or something else so ordinary, I like knowing that the creaks and quiet sounds of the place are being caused by another person and not blown out of proportion in my imagination. I guess this applies to people in general. Following the same theme as the post before, I just enjoy human company. We don't have to be talking all the time, but I don't like being alone for more than just a few hours. It gets...well, lonely. And I'll be honest, I get a bit scared being here all by myself. I know nothing is going to happen but still...I'm wary.

Anyways, I'm glad the boy is off to Vietnam. It sounds extremely exciting for him and while it makes me ache to know I'm missing out on something that will be so life changing for him, I know that we each need to do things on our own for a bit. Not that I want to, but I know I should.

I dropped him off at the airport and the parking was so confusing and time was so short that we were just flustered with our goodbyes. Public affection is not something I am comfortable with so these important hugs and kisses made me feel even more vulnerable and exposed. Oh well, I guess I should be more comfortable with showing affection? I'm too tired to think of a moral to this story.

Congratulations, Boy! Have a safe trip!


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